As smart phones with Internet capability become more common, having a mobile website can be crucial to a business’ success.The purpose of creating a mobile version of a website is to enhance the user experience for visitors accessing a site from a mobile device.Mobile sites can also make use of smart phones’ GPS, and can be configured to show different content based on users’ geographical location. It’s a simple way to show local users certain information without filling the screen with information that would be more helpful to users who are farther away from your location.By simplifying a website’s theme and optimizing it for mobile devices, you can ensure that your prospects are easily able to find what they’re looking for, even on a small screen.So you need a mobile website, adapted to screens of smartphones and tablets. It must be easy to use like mobile applications and have a nice modern look like them. At the same time, mobile website should be an effective marketing tool for online strategy of your business.We can create such a mobile website for you.Just from £99 / Year

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